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Christmas eve 2018

An English man and a welsh tourist decided to open up the laptop and have ago at making a podcast while drinking beers.  Mister Smith and filth as they are known on the podcast have had a real life dynamic for a number of years as well as Mister Smiths service boy boots.  They are all involved in the kink community and don't have any issues speaking their mind. The early stages of the podast around ep 20 and below endured sound issues as the world of podcasting was established and tinkered with. The podcasts quickly became an area of venting as well as topics of kink interest so the name ramblings of Mister Smith was coined as he was the primary content creator, thus the title of the podcast was created and involved various speakers and other guest speakers.

Feburary 2019

The jingle you hear at the start and the end was profesionally commissoned to give the

a better feel of something that will be sticking around for a while. By this time sound quality was impoving with better software and hardware.

Christmas 2019

By now we have hit 34 episodes. The podcast sound system has been improved to higher quality microphones with a mix bank and external sound card for the abillity to link phones and such for distance interviews.

March 2020 - Lock down

So in Match 2020 we saw the  lock down in England due to the pandemic sweeping the globe.  An air raid siren with a speach from churchill was added to the start up jingle to signify the country at war with the pandemic.  March 25th England offically went  into lock down.  The podcast moved to socially distance interviews and chats via the internets and phone. This had its own challenges.

Christmas 2020

Podcast hits two years old and 66 episodes.

September 2021

Podcast gets a rebrand to "The ramblings Kinksters" with its own .com domain name. 

We have also reached 83 episodes amassing 35 hours of audio and nearly 5000 listens since the first recordng.  Plenty more to follow. Public mainstream advertising ideas are in the works.

January 2022

After a short break due to life, the podcast is back to the recording studio.
  Filth is no longer part of the broadcast crew and will no longer be part of the future shows.  Further updates to follow and Happy New year !

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